Notebook service from Google Labs

Notebook service from Google Labs has been turned on in beta for users to try. Firefox users will have an easy time of adding Google Notebook to their browsers; users must have a Google Account to use it. Notebook installs as an extension to Firefox, and after a restart of the browser becomes available to use. Notebook is also available to users of Internet Explorer 6.

After installing the Notebook, a link at the bottom of the browser window, Open Notebook, launches the application. By selecting text on a web page and clicking the Add Note button in Notebook, the text copies into it.
Once copied, the text can be edited, and formatted into boldface or italics. The Notebook shows the link and the URL where the text for each entry originated. Images may be added to the Notebook by right-clicking on one and selecting “Note this” from the menu.
Users can minimize the Notebook while browsing. Maximizing the Notebook sends the user to the Notebook web page, where all of the entries made in the Notebook may be viewed.
Multiple Notebooks may be created, and they can each be tweaked by adding section headings to help organize the information. The service supports dragging and dropping the notes into or out of those sections as desired.
Like events in Google Calendar, Notebooks can be published and made public or kept private. Once made public, other users can search for them from the page. Notebooks can be set back to private if desired.
People who enjoy collecting bits and pieces into lists will like Notebook. The functionality lets users create, organize, and reorganize the information in a Notebook as needed. In a FAQ for the service, Google lists the features available.
Also, Google has an unmoderated group established for Notebook, where some users have already suggested some desired features, like more limited sharing options instead of just public or private, or the addition of labels like those used in Gmail to help find clippings posted in multiple notebooks.

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