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SEO-sanitizing a WordPress theme in 5 minutes

When you start a blog with WordPress, you get an overall good crawlability like with most blogging platforms. To get it ranked at search engines your first priority should be to introduce it to your communities acquiring some initial link love. However, those natural links come with disadvantages: canonicalization issues. “

SEO Copywriting Tips

…… for Google, Yahoo and your Prospects It might not seem logical, but a web site that’s well-written for human consumption with a little SEO help usually is also well-received by the robots of search engines like Google and Yahoo. So, what does “well-written” mean? Here are some tips to good SEO copywriting for Google, …

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Redirect, the smart way

The 301 Redirect The best way to redirect those pages is by using something called a “301 Redirect”. What this 301 redirect does, is it blatantly redirects to a different page when it is triggered, what makes the 301 redirect the best, is that not only does it accomplish your redirect, it does it safely, …

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