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El -9999px ha muerto, viva el #replace

Published 12 abril, 2016

Esto es lo que hacemos desde hace diez años con los logos: <h1>Texto del logo + a veces eslogan</h1> <style>                  h1                  

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A Must-have Guide to Link Types for Hyperlinks

Published 17 abril, 2015

Link types help describe the relationship between two or more web pages. They can also express the reason why particular hyperlinks are present in the web page. Defining link types is good for SEO because search

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10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

Published 23 marzo, 2014

Crime 1: Form labels that aren’t associated to form input fields Using the ‘for’ attribute allows the user to click the label to select the appropriate input fields within a form. This is especially important

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El increíble caso de la web www2009Madrid

Published 21 abril, 2009

T.Berners-Lee y Vinton Cerf serán los invitados destacados del 18 Congreso Internacional World Wide Web en Madrid. ¿Cómo se explica que la web del Congreso sea un ejemplo de cómo NO se deben hacer las páginas? En otras palabras, un ejemplo de todo contra lo que luchan y trabajan estos y otros ilustres inventores y hombres que crean los estándares en internet. No se pagará eso con mis impuestos, espero.

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OK-Cancel or Cancel-OK

Published 27 mayo, 2008

Should the OK button come before or after the Cancel button? Following platform conventions is more important than suboptimizing an individual dialog box. We get countless questions about small details in UI design that don’t

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Consult With Your SEO Expert Before Site Re-Design

Published 6 mayo, 2008

It’s a near nightmare situation really. A client sends an email on Friday saying, «We’re launching a new web site on Monday, can you take a look at it to make sure our site

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The Googley Principles – The Google Guide to Good Web Design

Published 29 abril, 2008

Google’s User Experience Group es el responsable del

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Website Content – It’s All About The Why?

Published 29 marzo, 2008

By Jerry Bader (c) 2008 Every week I get asked to look at business websites and tell the owners why they’re not getting the results they want. Some of these sites are straightforward brochures, others are e-commerce catalogs,

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IE8 Arrives

Published 19 marzo, 2008

Did someone change the coffee brands at Microsoft? After taking 6 years to move from version 6 to version 7, the IE team has offered the first IE8 beta barely 18 months after IE7’s

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Usability: Rules and Principles

Published 9 noviembre, 2007

With big thanks to Smashing

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