Common HTML Tag Misuses

Misuse of the <br> tag How not to use the <br> tag A common misuse of the <br> tag is to use it to create spaces or gaps in your content. WYSIWYG editors are notorious for injecting multiple line breaks or empty paragraph tags. How to properly use the <br> tag The <br> is used to insert a line …

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SEO-sanitizing a WordPress theme in 5 minutes

When you start a blog with WordPress, you get an overall good crawlability like with most blogging platforms. To get it ranked at search engines your first priority should be to introduce it to your communities acquiring some initial link love. However, those natural links come with disadvantages: canonicalization issues. “

IE8 : “browser version targeting”

Microsoft has announced that IE8 will introduce a new “browser version targeting” system that will see the browser default to rendering standards-compliant pages the same as in IE7, and will require developers to explicitly opt in to IE8’s new, Acid2-compliant rendering engine if they want it. Furthermore, since Microsoft believes this is the best way …

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Noscript – js deshabilitado

Para los navegadores que tienen JS deshabilitado: corchete noscript corchete corchete meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=http://www.url.com/noscript.htm” corchete corchete / noscript corchete