Divorce Google

These are Google services I currently use and what I believe may be their replacements:

  1. Gmail (Migadu)
  2. Google Analytics (Piwik)
  3. YouTube (Vimeo)
  4. Google Drive (NextCloud)
  5. Google Keep (There are hundreds of alternatives)
  6. Firebase (Now.sh)
  7. Google Maps & My Maps (Mapbox & Open Street Maps)
  8. Google Cloud Storage (Amazon S3)
  9. Google Calendar & Contacts (Radicale or SOGo)
  10. Google Docs (Etherpad Lite)


I plan to try them all as soon as possible and I hope to find a good enough replacement to stop using Google’s. Since I have started to use and promote Google back in 1999 and since I admired Google enough to say that was a kind of company I would work for without a pay, things have changed a lot. It has been more that five years now that I feel uncomfortable about what for and how they use my personal life facts.

Far away are the times when Gmail could stop working and even become unavailable for a whole day or two. Now I find new handy features in Gmail as well as in Drive so often that I startet to heavily rely on them. However,  I strive not to rely on Google`s services for my personal life because I do not want Google to sell my data so that they can blow it in their new half-baked products.

Shall I manage? I will cetainly try.

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