How Blogs Can Break or Make Your SEO Strategy

Blogs are a great way to get started authoring content and sharing your knowledge and insights with other people. Plus, mix work and play – and you can get rich doing this. You don’t have to be an MBA-accredited author by any means. However, there are some rules to play by, and I’ll break those out below. We will talk about the top blogs, practicalities around blogs and creative ways to get started, including how you could possibly ruin your good-standing ranking and having to change your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Blogs – Structure and Layout
I work in the field of Search Engine Optimization. It has a wide range of options, from the technical to the more strategic. Tons of discussions are found on off-page and on-page factors, latent semantic analysis, content scope, quality, HTML/CSS development, site navigational structure, spamdexing, 301 redirects, plagiarism, link strategies, directories, blogs, search engine news, email marketing tips & online (internet) marketing. Most all of the top 10 SEO firms out there agree that blogs are a “must” for driving traff

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