CSS Tab Designer

CSS tabs were never easier: CSS Tab Designer: The program is small (1.35Mb download) but what it lacks in size it makes up for in features.

On the left of the screen is a place to add your menu items. You can use a sample list (included with the program) to create the initial menu, if you like. There are six sample lists and these can be edited to fit your needs with basic menu creation.

The middle section is where you choose the tab style you want to use. It’s then displayed on the right side of the screen, using the menu items you created on the left side. The styles can be easily changed just by clicking on a different one. Once you’re finished, the code can be displayed in the preview area. (There are tabs at the bottom to switch display modes.) From there you can copy the code or let the program generate an XHTML file for you. The code can’t be edited on the screen but once it’s in the HTML file, you can do whatever customizing you want to do. It even supplies the graphics, if needed.

You can also preview the code in several different browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Safari and Camino. You won’t have to worry about how it’s going to look once you add it to your existing code.

A pretty simple program but it creates some very nice CSS navigation code. And, it’s strict XHTML compliant code.

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