Chrome extensions for Chat GPT

Merlin, the OpenAI ChatGPT-powered extension

To enable the Merlin extension, simply press CTRL (or CMD on Mac) + M keyboard shortcut. The user interface is modern and sleek, with rounded corners for a polished look. Like ChatGPT, Merlin will respond within seconds. Merlin works across your browser so that you can get help with anything from a work email to HTML code on any webpage.

You can add Merlin here.

ChatGPT for Google extension

this extension brings ChatGPT to search engines, displaying its response alongside Google search results. Setting up the extension is simple – all you need to do is log in to OpenAI using the extension. The extension then activates whenever you use Google and requires no particular prompts.

Like the website, the ChatGPT for Google extension can provide responses, write code, answer questions, and more. To get started, search for any topic on Google as you normally would. The extension replaces the existing knowledge panel on the right with a new ChatGPT panel, where the chatbot responds right from your search results. Since it treats your search query as a prompt, you don’t need to do anything else.

You can add ChatGPT for Google here.

ChatGPT Writer

With this extension, you no longer need to struggle to craft the perfect response, as ChatGPT will provide its wording prowess to help you in writing emails and messages across all websites.

This standalone extension can be easily accessed by logging into OpenAI and clicking on the ChatGPT Writer icon. The extension will prompt you for input with context, so you can provide a topic or the previous conversation if you’re responding to an ongoing thread.

Once you’ve provided the necessary context, the extension will immediately offer a response, making it an excellent tool for those who need to craft emails and messages. While the extension is designed for emails and texts, you can also use it to chat with ChatGPT, although responses may take longer.

You can add ChatGPT Writer here.

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