This time, Google’s tag means something – to become a ,publishers will need to have English-language, U.S.-based sites, and serve at least one million video streams per month. But, beta tag or not, AdSense for video has officially arrived.
has promised that it will expand the program “in the near future.” Meanwhile, sites like, MyDamnChannel, and are getting to experience a sort of test drive. And for a description of what they’re seeing (we’re assuming you don’t want to chase down and sit through random videos), we can turn to the Official Blog.
Shamim Samadi and Ryan Hayward write, “This approach takes the same non-intrusive InVideo ad format used on and extends it across video partner sites on the Network. This enables advertisers to run a single campaign across the largest of online video content.”
Also, in the event that you want to watch a carefully selected clip, something on the Inside AdSense blog provides more information about Google, video content, and revenue.
All of this points back to what we covered in the opening: if you’re not close buds with Google, AdSense for video is still a little out of reach. There’s reason you can’t scope it out, though, and be ready to accept (or reject) the program as it approaches a wider release.

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