AVCAESAR, malware morituri te salutant

AVCaesar is a malware analysis engine and repository. Your suspicious files can be analysed by a set of antivirus. Currently the database contains 4,949,498 samples. Perform your online check of suspicius files here https://avcaesar.malware.lu/


De Eclipse a Android Studio

¿Has empezado tu proyecto en Eclipse, y necesitas pasarlo a Android Studio? Es muy fácil y rápido: 1. Exporta desde Eclipse Actualiza el plugin ADT (necesitas al menos la versión 22).  Instrucciones aquí En Eclipse, selecciona File > Export. Ve al apartado Android,  aparece …

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Fed up of bad bots?

Bad bots, ie robots and spiders that index your site in an aggressive mannger with little benefit to yourself, can easily cause problems with bandwidth. To ban the bots, you have a few options. ROBOTS.TXT Good bots should obey robots.txt, …

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