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Google Says You Can’t Buy The Top Ad Spot

Published 27 mayo, 2008

Google wants a better ad experience for its visitors, from the copy in ads to the speed of landing pages. How have Google’s initiatives impacted your ad budget and website designs? Wealthy businesses and

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SEO-sanitizing a WordPress theme in 5 minutes

Published 8 mayo, 2008

When you start a blog with WordPress, you get an overall good crawlability like with most blogging platforms. To get it ranked at search engines your first priority should be to introduce it to

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Consult With Your SEO Expert Before Site Re-Design

Published 6 mayo, 2008

It’s a near nightmare situation really. A client sends an email on Friday saying, «We’re launching a new web site on Monday, can you take a look at it to make sure our site

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21 Top Reasons Why Your Webpage May Not Be Indexed by Search Engines

Published 3 abril, 2008

At one time or another you may have used a submission tool, or submitted by hand and then wondered why you had not been indexed. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that may delay or

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SEO Copywriting Tips

Published 24 marzo, 2008

…… for Google, Yahoo and your Prospects It might not seem logical, but a web site that’s well-written for human consumption with a little SEO help usually is also well-received by the

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EU Says Search Engines Must Follow Rules

Published 10 febrero, 2008

The EU regulators, operating under the «Article 29 Working Party» name have plans to release a detailed report on search engines in the coming months. The group said, «As the use of search engines

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Published 20 noviembre, 2007

Link baiting. You’ve heard of it, most likely, but maybe are at a loss as to how it works or how to make it work for you. In this article, we explore

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Redirect, the smart way

Published 9 agosto, 2007

The 301 Redirect The best way to redirect those pages is by using something called a «301 Redirect». What this 301 redirect does, is it blatantly redirects to a different page when it is triggered,

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Improve ROI : Do the basics, and do them well.

Published 6 abril, 2007

1. Email Newsletters Email newsletters let you maintain a relationship with your customers that lasts beyond their visits to your site. The newsletter is the perfect website companion because it answers a different user need:

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Searchers Use Engines As An Address Bar

Published 19 enero, 2006

«There are two types of online searchers that type a Web site’s URL into a search engine rather than into the browser’s address bar: Those inexperienced enough not to appreciate the difference between the

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