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Membership Plugins in 2019: Pros and Cons

Published 8 junio, 2019

What to Look for in a WordPress Membership Plugin The exact features that you should look for obviously depend on your specific needs. But before I dig into the best WordPress membership plugins, I think

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6 WordPress plugins that help promote your content

Published 5 noviembre, 2014

WordPress plugins that are useful for direct and indirect content promotion. SumoMe SumoMe is one of the free email-capturing plugins you definitely need to install to your WordPress blog. Aside from its ability to get your

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Let Users Sign In and Recover Passwords On The Front-End Of Your WordPress Site

Published 4 mayo, 2014

Sidebar Or Page (Widget Or Shortcode)? Your first decision is to decide whether you want to allow login from a sidebar (a widgetized area). This will be mostly dictated by your theme layout and perhaps

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How to Get Different Themes on Different WordPress Pages

Published 4 mayo, 2014

Have you ever wanted to use more than one WordPress theme on a site at same time? Well, it’s possible. Of course you could create a page template or even a specific post templateand then

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10 Quick Ways to Clean Up and Optimize Your WordPress Site

Published 2 mayo, 2014

1. Manual Actions We will suggest a number of plugins below, but we’ll start this with a few manual actions you can take. Delete unwanted/unused plugins Delete unwanted/unused themes 2. Hide Unused Shortcodes If you’ve ever used a plugin

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How to Create Audio & Video Playlists in WordPress Without Plugins

Published 1 mayo, 2014

Creating Video Playlists This works very much the same way you would build an image gallery. We’ll go over each step below. Click your “Add Media” button as you normally would. When you get into the Media

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SEO-sanitizing a WordPress theme in 5 minutes

Published 8 mayo, 2008

When you start a blog with WordPress, you get an overall good crawlability like with most blogging platforms. To get it ranked at search engines your first priority should be to introduce it to

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