What I Learned At Hacker Camp

4 abril, 2006

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APRIL 3, 2006 Computer Security By Sarah Lacy What I Learned at Hacker Camp It’s easy to create malicious code, penetrate firewalls, and steal personal and financial information. «Ethical hacker» Andrew Whitaker can show you how
I didn’t wake to Reveille in army barracks. I wasn’t dressed in fatigues. And no way was I marching around holding a rifle above my head. But in the wee hours one recent Thursday I was headed to boot camp nonetheless — hacker boot camp.For a full day, I would immerse myself in the tricks of the computer hacking trade, getting hands-on training in how scam artists construct the code that wreaks havoc on the world’s computers. The key distinction: This is «ethical» hacker boot camp, put on by a company called TechTrain, which hosts about 24 of these intensive training sessions each year.

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