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OK Go, nuevo videoclip espectacular

Published 18 junio, 2014

The Writing’s On the Wall OK Go, el grupo de indie-rock norteamericano, ha vuelto a lanzar un videoclip espectacular: Esto fue lo que hicieron en 2010: This Too Shall Pass – un vídeo para tomar

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Use Semantic Markup to Improve Your Search Results

Published 17 junio, 2014

Do you want search engines to find your content easily? Do you want search results related to your content to stand out? You can tell search engines exactly what your content is to make it easier

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7 AdWords Tips Google Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Published 14 junio, 2014

$100+ million a DAY. That’s an estimate of how much Google makes from AdWords. And in order for so many businesses to be paying for so many clicks, AdWords has to be making a lot of

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