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SSH: How to clear the entire mail queue

Published 20 Diciembre, 2016

There are two ways to do this: Use Plesk interface: Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings > Mail Queue > ClearBut this will not work when a spammer is heavy loading your server. It will become

Chuletas: Common Linux Shell Commands

Published 22 Mayo, 2016

Common Linux Shell Commands ls : list files/directories in a directory, comparable to dir in windows/dos. ls -al : shows all files (including ones that start with a period), directories, and details attributes for each file. cd : change directory

Divorce Google

Published 5 Febrero, 2017

These are Google services I currently use and what I believe may be their replacements: Gmail (Migadu) Google Analytics (Piwik) YouTube (Vimeo) Google Drive (NextCloud) Google Keep (There are hundreds of alternatives) Firebase ( Google Maps & My Maps (Mapbox &

Google Page Speed

Tips and strategies to score a 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights

Published 12 Enero, 2017

 El trabajo de escribir este detallado artículo se lo ha tomado  Brian Jackson, para promocionar su plataforma Kinsta. Que su propia web solo obtiene una valoración de Google de 45/100 (hoy, 12, de enero, 2017),

El -9999px ha muerto, viva el #replace

Published 12 Abril, 2016

Esto es lo que hacemos desde hace diez años con los logos: <h1>Texto del logo + a veces eslogan</h1> <style>                  h1                  


Trucos imprescindibles para aprovechar la potencia de las hojas de cálculo de Google Docs

Published 29 Abril, 2015

Hoja de cálculo es el nombre que recibe el equivalente a Excel de Google, parte integral de la suite ofimática online Google Docs, integrada en Google Drive. Esta aplicación es muy rápida, está disponible en

A Must-have Guide to Link Types for Hyperlinks

Published 17 Abril, 2015

Link types help describe the relationship between two or more web pages. They can also express the reason why particular hyperlinks are present in the web page. Defining link types is good for SEO because search

10 Tips to Avoid Being Labelled as a Spammer

Published 10 Abril, 2015

1. Be Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act If you are sending “any electronic mail message, the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” then you must

AVCAESAR, malware morituri te salutant

Published 14 Marzo, 2015

AVCaesar is a malware analysis engine and repository. Your suspicious files can be analysed by a set of antivirus. Currently the database contains 4,949,498 samples. Perform your online check of suspicius files

Keys to a Powerful Business Website

Published 23 Febrero, 2015

1. Determine the Point of Your Website Finding your site’s true purpose is your guide to goal-focused marketing Building a website just because you have to will not lead to having the best website for your